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Vincent Houdijk - Biography

He is a serious person, thoug the twinkle in his eyes shows that he has lots of humor and radiates pleasure, which makes him conceive people and things lightheartedly. Since Vincent Houdijk took courses in Vortex Healing he has become more aware and his insights are expanded. In his view everything is about energy and its healing effect. In his life as a musician this has a crucial role, because energy is everywhere, embracing.

Houdijk (1981) stands out as a vibraphonist in jazz after specializing himself with Frits Landesbergen and the internationally renowned Mike Mainieri. As Landesbergen is one of the few well known Dutch vibists also Houdijk enjoys this exclusivity. It is a significant step in 2016, the year he gets generous recognition as a major talent of the moment with the election as Young VIP. The joint jazz programmers in the Netherlands believe in the emerging qualities of Vincent Houdijk. 

As Young VIP Vincent Houdijk tours extensively throughout the country. Tactician as he is, he made sure that he could present his live album Vortex, starting in the metropolitan Bimhuis. The album and accompanying tour are a provisional culmination of his band VinnieVibes, which brings together kindred spirits. Previously he worked successfully with Luistio Quintero, Roberto Quintero, Sean Jones, Eric Vloeimans, Remy van Kesteren, Ivo Janssen, Wouter Hamel, Kyteman, Mathilde Santing and The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. Specifically mentioning the collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra, where he replaces regularly in projects. The album Vortex contains inspirations from many angles, and can be characterized as fusion jazz with strong personal and contemporary elements, without ego-tripping but with democratic values, a lot of melody and pointedness. Houdijk puts down a firm, deep sound with energetic and animated game in which his expression indicates that he understands the spirit of time and that he can touch his audience emotionally.

As a vibraphone teacher at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, he developed a special method of teaching, why he is appreciated internationally. The same applies to his activities as creative director of the Percussion Friends Foundation, which educates and prepares percussionists from all possible corners of the world for further studies and a professional music career in all its facets. Houdijk has a clear vision on these matters, in addition to a remarkable musicality. Those two do not need to be in each other's way, but are instead a nice, complete palette. Houdijk is not upcoming anymore, his talent, however is untenable.


Jan Jasper Tamboer


is the main formation of Vincent Houdijk. This year Rogier Telderman and Vincent Houdijk won the Young VIP award for 'most promising jazz talents of the Netherlands'. From april 2016 they will have a nationwide tour with their bands the Rogier Telderman Trio and VinnieVibes.

VinnieVibes is known for their intense, dynamic and compelling style. The broad musical view of bandleader and composer Vincent Houdijk styles such as classical, minimal, jazz, world music and pop are often combined in the band. 

Order our new album Vortex HERE

For more information about VinnieVibes and/or their albums please contact vinnievibes(@)
Line up:
- Floris van der Vlugt: saxophones
- Aron Raams: guitar
- Sven Happel: double bass and bassguitar
- Haye Jellema: drums
- Vincent Houdijk: vibraphone en malletkat

Bookings & Management: vinnievibes(@)

Percussion Friends

Vincent Houdijk and colleague Ramon Lormans are artistic directors of their Percussion Friends Foundation, which aims to stimulate and educate young talented percussion artists and guide them to a professional practice.

Percussion Friends offers talented young musicians a high quality training, in which they develop their talents and successfully enroll in college. Former students have been accepted and / or graduated from the conservatories of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Tilburg, Utrecht, Arnhem, Zwolle, Groningen, Maastricht, Mexico and Krakow.

Each year the Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy (PFCMA) takes place at the Amsterdam Conservatory. This academy is prominent in the field of percussion. Chamber music and collaboration between students are the center focus, in addition to individual lessons, theater training, coaching in career planning and creative entrepreneurship. Meanwhile PFCMA has become one of the biggest acknowledged academies in the world, with participants from more than twelve countries worldwide.

In September 2014 Percussion Friends started cooperating with the National Top Talent class of the Sweelinck Academy at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Up to five students are trained here with the utmost attention and priority. 
The Percussion Friends Foundation has a team of 10 regular teachers based in different locations throughout the country. (Percussion Friends 4-All Class and Percussion Friends Sweelinck Academy young top talent class)

Partners of Percussion Friends include: TROMP Percussion (Competition and Festival) Eindhoven, ADAMS Music, Horn Percussion, Roga Percussion, Pustjens Percussion Products and Beurskens Music Publishing. 


Vincent Houdijk:
+31 (0)6 53 44 42 42

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Percussion Friends
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Adams Musical Instruments
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