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Music as means to connect!
As a musician I have only one goal;

My music and thus sharing my life story with others and making the connection between me and my fans.

Music is an enormously powerful tool to connect people withouth without words and that is what I love most of it. If someone feels my music, recognizes it and therefor has a deep experience that brings something to mind. A smile, a tear, genuine interest, a memory ..... Many of experiences I have had in recent years with listeners of concerts that I had the pleasure of sharing with them. Magnificent and magical!

I wish everyone music! As a means of connecting each other in any possible way.

With kind regards,



is known for their intense, dynamic and compelling style. The broad musical view of bandleader and composer Vincent Houdijk fused jazz with other styles such as classical, minimal, world music and rock.

In 2016 vibist Vincent Houdijk won the Young VIP award for 'most promising jazz artist of the Netherlands'. Because of this award Houdijk planned a nationwide tour performing in all major jazz venues in the country. With the kickoff in the famous Bimhuis VinnieVibes could release their live album Vortex which sold over 500 copies in 3 months.

In 2012 VinnieVibes reached the finals of the Dutch Jazz Competition and the year after was centered around their debut album '15', which is dedicated to his brother Ashley Houdijk who sadly passed away due to the Hercules Disaster in 1996.

For more information about VinnieVibes please contact vinnievibes(@) 

Order our new album Vortex HERE

VinnieVibes performing Grounding on National TV: VPRO Vrije Geluiden

Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo Magazine

"The concert of VinnieVibes was an energetic happening, expertly put down, with fresh ideas, great craftsmanship, attention to detail and for the bandleader himself: a huge sense of harmony, melody and swing. What should one need more to give an intriguing jazz concert?"

Hessel Fluitman, JazzFlits Magazine

"The compositions of Houdijk emenate power and are vigorously brought to life. Each piece of music stimulates the imagination."


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